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Roam connected

execMobile is proud to be associated with the products we bring to market. We serve many blue-chip corporate customers and individuals and we stake our reputation on our ability to source and deliver solutions that exceed all travellers’ requirements for convenience and quality while reducing the cost of this mobility. The execMobile service was developed to remove the complexity and high-cost of mobile data roaming when you travel. Mobile phones and the internet have become essential tools for keeping in touch on a day-to-day basis. execMobile ensures that these familiar tools can be used in the normal way while travelling without the fear of extortionate mobile bills. The execMobile SIM can be used in any standard Smart-phone, tablet or mobile broadband modem to obtain data when roaming. execMobile delivers the following key benefits:


You too can benefit from greatly reduced prices when you access the internet from anywhere in the world. The execMobile service is borderless with a low set of prices across multiple countries. We also offer special bundles which are tailored for your needs and offer even greater savings. We have low cost mobile internet bundles for surfing the internet.


No contracts, no bills, no shocks. The execMobile service is designed to take the mystery out of mobile communications costs when you travel worldwide. There are no minimum connection charges, no minimum daily bundles or multi-tiered prices. There are no hidden extra charges – execMobile is a completely transparent service. Our straight forward low prices are easy to understand and our user friendly on line electronic data records (EDRs) let you see exactly how much you are spending as you use the service. You can check what the last internet session cost so you can be sure there will be no nasty bills waiting for you when you get home.


The execMobile service is designed so that the mobile internet work in the same familiar way both at home and when you travel. No need to worry about special commands, new menus, special characters or unusual prefixes. You simply surf the web as you would normally. It is simple to order your new SIM card on-line and to register for the execMobile service. When you register you are given a execMobile wallet which stores your prepaid credit. You can easily check your balance, see your live online EDRs, add credit and credit bundles to your account and set up auto top-up so you never run out of credit.

For added convenience, you also have the option to purchase low cost top brand GSM handsets and mobile internet modems (Pocket Wifi) pre-fitted with the execMobile SIM card.


The execMobile service is implemented on an advanced platform which has been built using world-class GSM technologies and established GSM standards. The execMobile SIM card connects seamlessly and reliably to the best quality data networks in 200+ countries world-wide, ensuring the highest speeds when accessing the internet.

execMobile is a global service that is not confined to one country or market. Getting started with execMobile is straightforward. The execMobile SIM card, GSM handset or Pocket Wifi, together with any initial credit, are ordered on-line via simple menus. Your choice is delivered reliably to your designated address. Once you have received your purchase and new SIM card you simply register with execMobile before you travel. Additional credit is purchased on-line as you require it.

More Information

For more information, please contact us at team@execmobile.co.za. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.