Do you need robust, unbreakable Internet?

Is your Internet connection broken?

Low bandwidth, poor coverage? No automatic failover or redundancy? We bond any number of Internet links (mobile, fixed/fibre, satellite) to create a single high bandwidth connection with increased reliability and improved productivity.

How much will it cost to fix?

We have monthly options for IoT (€5), 100Mbps (€11), 200Mbps (€17) and WAN links up to 2GB (€39). Download software onto your existing CPE or we provide it pre-installed and fully managed.

Uniquely developed to support internet bonding, failover and networking applications

What is it you need?

Need increased throughput, stability or secure access to remote applications? Multiple connections is the answer; whether fixed (microwave, fibre), mobile (5G/LTE) or satellite (Starlink, GEO), or any combination of these.

What do you get with a Bonded link….

Boost bandwidth, reduce latency, packet loss and jitter, enhance security, all under a single IP address, with real time remote management! You choose if you want seamless failover, load balancing or aggregation.

Industry leading SD-WAN & Internet Bonding Technology

  • Create unbreakable internet
  • Improve speed, latency and security with resilience
  • Build your own private network
  • Monitor and manage connectivity in real time
  • Eliminate downtime

We provide software or hardware to...

secure mobile data 


We provide this service directly to business customers in South Africa. If your business needs a better Internet connection, talk to us today to find out how we can assist.

ISPs and MSPs

Across Africa we work with ISPs and MSPs to ensure they can provide a managed solution to their customers by hosting our head-end server for Intra- or Internet traffic breakout. Sell multiple connections with a bond to improve their speed, security, uptime, resilience and satisfaction!