Value 12GB SIM


Our preloaded Value SIM card works in any unlocked device (smartphone, tablet etc.). The clever 3-in-1 SIM design can be snapped out to make a Standard, Micro or Nano SIM.

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Your Value SIM is pre-loaded with 12GB of data, valid for 90 days, for use in any of 42 supported countries. Your SIM will activate on arrival in any of these destinations

Connect your devices over Wi-Fi to our PocketWifi – it’s your own personal secure connection to the Internet which can be shared amongst multiple devices or friends.

Key Value SIM features

  • Your SIM is preloaded with 12GB of mobile data
  • You will need to change your devices’ APN settings (guide provided)
  • Data activates on arrival in any of the supported destinations
  • SIMs have no expiry date
  • The data will expire once activated after 90 days
  • Use across all destinations is possible within the validity period
  • SIM tethers – create your own hotspot and connect multiple devices
  • Top Up: you will need to contact us at if you run out of data – no online account is possible with value SIMs
  • Note that this is a data-only SIM; you cannot make traditional voice calls or send texts, but you can of course use Skype or WhatsApp instead


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