Voye 10GB eSIM



One eSIM with coverage in 130 countries
  • Global plans with local rates
  • No need to select a specific country, each plan supports all
  • Travel in multiple countries with the same plan
  • Simple installation – videos for iOS and Android

List of countries supported listed here

List of eSIM compatible devices provided here

Why choose Voye eSIM for your next trip?

It boasts a wide range of great features that set it apart from many of its competitors, including:

  • Single eSIM with global coverage

Our eSIM offers exceptional coverage in 130 countries via a reusable, single-instance installation.

  • Multiple carriers per country

By having more choice, you always get access to best-in-class connectivity.

  • 100 MB local data FREE

Get familiar with the Voye eSIM technology by testing it in South Africa before your travels.

  • Prepaid Convenience

Say goodbye to expensive roaming bills or hidden charges.

Instead, simply pay local rates using Voye’s prepaid model that has been designed to deliver total cost predictability.

  • eSIM Technology

Voye leverages the latest eSIM technology to provide complete functionality within a single eSIM.

This eliminates the need for additional physical SIM cards or eSIMs.

  • Flexible Plans

Travel in all major tourist and business destinations with the same plan – simply choose how much data you need and for how long.

  • Best Value

Our regional rates are cheaper than our competitors – ensuring you have more spending money on your travels.

  • Instant Activation

Enjoy the convenience of instant activation upon arrival at your destination.


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