The challenge with today’s network security in a cloud-first world

Your perimeter is broken

Some users are mobile and connect straight to their cloud apps. A Hybrid workforce is longer behind your security stack, so what perimeter are you protecting?

Your network is costing too much

Your hub-and-spoke network is costly and adds latency. Users demand a faster connection to their cloud apps. Why continue to back haul traffic and pay for an architecture that wasn’t designed for the cloud?

To secure a hybrid workforce you simply need a new approach

Get always-on, identical protection

By moving security to the cloud, all users and locations get always-on security regardless of location. Your security policy goes everywhere your users go.

Embrace a cloud-ready network platform

Direct-internet connections to a cloud security platform ensures a fast, secure user experience. You reduce back hauling and appliance costs, improve performance and latency, and simplify network administration.

Defend with the ultimate* security stack

A security stack as a service improves protection. Multiple technologies expertly work in unison to stop more threats.

Delivery as a cloud service enables unlimited inspection capacity, even across SSL. Easily scale more users and security services as needed.

Simplify your security budget to OPEX —all for about the price of a cup of coffee per user per month

Just point your traffic to the Zscalercloud. For offices you can set up a tunnel from your edge device. For mobile you can use the Zappor a PAC file.

By making the Zscalersecurity cloud your next hop to the internet, you can quickly deploy without any infrastructure changes and provide instant coverage for all users.