Secure mobile data for busy travellers in 190+ countries


Get complete control over your corporate travelers’ global connectivity. Our post-paid solution offers simplicity with phenomenal rates and control.

We offer advanced eSIM deployments which make it easy to get you onboard -Perfect for busy executives.

Roam the world with our eSIM

secure mobile data 


Arrive connected and in control of your costs. Our prepaid global SIM and eSIM data plans offer 3GB, 5GB or 10GB 30 day bundles for the UK & EU (35 countries) or Business destinations (70 countries).

We offer simple, reliable solutions on the fastest networks to ensure you can stay connected and safe.

The freedom of wireless connectivity when mobile

Choose the plan and coverage that suits your needs. Whether SIM only or PocketWifi, our options cater for leisure and business travellers’ needs


From 8c/MB
Data Bundles
SIM Only
1GB, 3GB or 12GB
Valid 30 or 90 days
Coverage in 43 Countries
Activates on arrival
secure mobile data 


From 16c/MB
Always connected
SIM, PocketWifi or eSIM
Daily or monthly bundles
Coverage in 190+ Countries
Seamless Mgmt!
secure mobile data


from 25c/MB
All network bundles
PocketWifi or SIM
100MB – 5GB
Valid 30 days
Coverage in 114 Countries
Online account
secure mobile data

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